The Pouchee is an eco-friendly reusable food pouch that is ideal for yoghurts, purees, smoothies and more. They are perfect for a toddler snack, lunchboxes or when you are on the go.

This 6 piece value bundle includes everything you will need to start baby on solids and take them through until primary school age.  This set is ideal for infants and toddlers as it includes the spoon set and SoftSip pouch topper, minimising spills and mess and great for outings too.

Set contains:

About the Pouchee

Easy to use: Great for pureed food, applesauce, yoghurt, smoothies and more! Perfect for a toddler snack, lunchboxes or when you are on the go.

Easy to fill: Stands upright and features a wide opening for easy pouring.

Easy to clean: Made from naturally non-stick silicone. Dishwasher Safe (top-rack only) or using warm soapy water.

Universal spout top: Compatible with twist-on-spoon and silicone SoftSip Pouch Topper.

Safe for baby: Non-toxic. BPA, Lead, Phthalate & PVC free. Anti-choke caps.

Capacity: 180mL

About the Choomee SoftSip Pouch Topper

The ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Topper is a soft and durable silicone valve used for pouch feeding and provides multiple features and critical benefits for both baby and parent. Baby has control over the flow rate of their food and parents no longer need to worry about messy spills and pureed explosions. Better yet, teething babies can happily chew their pouch spout with comfort. It simply attaches to the Pouchee and most disposable pouches.

By controlling flow and preventing spills, the SoftSip maximizes baby’s caloric intake. Every healthy sip counts and using the SoftSip means more food makes it to their mouth.

About the Infant Spoon Set

Ideal for infants, introducing solids or hassle free feeding on the go.

Set includes

  • 2 Spoons
  • 1 Small cleaning brush
  • 1 Travel Case

Its universal screw top fits the Pouchee as well as most other single-use baby food pouches.

About the Replacement Lids

Great to have if you accidentally misplace or lose your Pouchee caps.

These choke-avoidance caps allow air to flow through even when swallowed. This means that should a small child accidentally swallow the cap, air will continue to pass through the cap and enable the child to breath, rather than pushing the cap down deeper.

For extra safety, we recommend that you use our Choomee SoftSip Pouch Topper for children under the age of two years.


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